SBX Swimbait Rods Deliver Extreme Performance

There’s no doubt that Okuma Fishing Tackle is home to a number of hard-core swimbait anglers. As the U.S. distributors of Savage Gear lures, a preeminent manufacturer of swimbaits, Okuma rods and reels come together with the lures like bread and butter. Solidifying their presence as an elite-level manufacturer in the swimbait market, Okuma Fishing Tackle has proudly introduced new SBX swimbait rods.

SBX Swimbait rods incorporate advanced materials, construction techniques and components to deliver swimbait anglers stunning actions, in powerful rods that are built to last. Construction begins with a blend of highly-responsive 24- and 30-Ton carbon. The tip sections are then fortified by Okuma UFR (Unidirectional Fiber Reinforcement) technology. UFR adds a layer of unidirectional fiber to the tip section of the rod. This seamless integration delivers a 3X increase in strength and lifting power in the tip. Functionally, UFR dramatically strengthens the tip against breakage when casting heavy lures and landing big fish.

The guides system is second-to-none, including Sea Guide ZEUSS Deep-Press Titanium guide frames that are 43% lighter than comparable stainless steel. The inserts are Sea Guide “RS” inserts, 1.5 times harder than quartz and one of the hardest ring materials available. Due to the inherent strength of the RS material, the diameter of the actual ring material can me much smaller than normal. Inserts made from RS material will deliver a larger opening for lines and knots to pass through than different materials in the same guide size.

It’s the grip systems of SBX Swimbait rods that will be immediately recognized. The fore grip and rear grip are constructed from premium 3K woven carbon fiber. The material is uncoated, offering a fine texture that creates a perfectly positive grip. The fore grip is part of the reel seat and screws down to secure the reel, covering all reel seat threads for total comfort in the hand. Okuma 3K woven carbon fiber grips have no filler, clean up with minimal effort a look great for the lifetime of the rod. Reel seats are by Fuji, with stainless steel hoods for strength. An oversized EVA butt cap provides an anchor point for the non-reel hand when throwing big baits long distances.

SBX Swimbait rods include three models, each 7’11” in length. SBX-C-7111H is a heavy power, moderate-fast action rod for 15- to 30-pound line and lures weighing 1- to 6-ounces. The SBX-C-711XH is an extra-heavy power with fast action. The XH is rated for 15- to 40-pound line and lures weights from 2- to 10-ounces. The most powerful rod in the line is the SBX-C-7111XXH. With extra-extra-heavy power, fast action and rated for 20- to 40-pound line, this is the choice for baits weighing 5- to 14-ounces.

SBX Swimbait rods are available at an MSRP of $229.99 and are backed by the Okuma Limited Lifetime Warranty.