New Okuma ALC Mag Surf Reel Delivers Extreme Casting Distance

There’s nothing like it when fish are piled up right in the breaking surf and eating anything that hits the water. That scenario, unfortunately, is the exception rather than the rule. On most days an angler needs to cover water, and that means a lot of casts and definite bonus points for distance. The all-new ALC Mag Surf Reel by Okuma Fishing Tackle delivers exceptional distance in a reel an angler can easily cast for extended periods.

ALC Mag Surf Reel

New ALC Mag Surf Reels are purpose-driven, offering a reel that delivers exceptional casting distance.

At the heart of the ALC Mag Surf Reel is a machined aluminum frame that’s specifically designed to offer uninhibited access to the spool. An aluminum frame adds a bit of weight. However, in a long-cast platform it creates a precise environment for the bearings and spool to operate within. Any flex on a frame, any contact of spool rims, negatively effects casting distance. The ALC Mag Surf Reel delivers a solid foundation. The frame design tapers wide off the spool rim. Cross bars are set low on the rear of the reel and far-forward on the front. The design allows the caster to feather the spool throughout the cast and provides great access in instances of “professional overruns.”

The side plates of the ALC Mag Surf Reel are constructed of Okuma long-strand carbon fiber. The material delivers exacting tolerances with great strength, minimal weight and zero corrosion. Internal components include two corrosion-resistant ball bearings, one roller bearing and an externally adjustable magnetic cast control system. The gear ratio of 6.2:1 picks up 28.2-inches of line per turn of the handle, a perfect all-around speed for working lures.

The spool lever, drag star and handle arm are all constructed from aluminum for corrosion-resistance in the salt and superior durability in tough shoreline environments. A multi-disc Carbonite drag system churns out 16.5-pounds of maximum drag pressure, plenty for virtually all surf species.

The ALC Mag Sure Reel is available in one non-levelwind model, the ALC-20CS. The reel holds 230-yards of 15-, 210-yards of 18- or 190-yards of 20-pound monofilament line. Capacity increases dramatically with 30- or 50-pound braid.

Available at an MSRP or $139.99 the ALC Mag Surf reel is an exceptional purpose-driven reel for the surf angler that prefers a conventional reel.

Cortez Reels: Extreme Versatility In The Salt

In the world of big game and tournament saltwater angling, there’s a ton of specialization with regard to rods and reels. For each species and sometimes even each fishing technique, there are unique constructions, gear ratios, anti-reverse and drag systems that optimize success. Day-in and day-out though, the average angler fishing saltwater is neither a big game angler nor a tournament angler. For these anglers, type III anodized machined aluminum frames are simply not necessary, and in a lot of cases, just not practical.

New Cortez CZ-5CS

With custom graphite frame and side plates surrounding an machined aluminum spool and all-star cast of internal components, the Cortez family of saltwater reels covers angler’s needs from the surf line to offshore waters.

For the everyday angler, a bulletproof graphite-framed reel with a workhorse drag system and top quality internal components serves every need they’ll ever have. And, they want to be able to afford a few of them without making withdrawals from their children’s college fund. To serve this very real need of tens of thousands of saltwater anglers, we designed and built the Cortez.

From surf and jetty, to private boat, to charter fishing, to traveling angler, the appeal of the Cortez is universal.

The Nuts and Bolts

Available in three sizes, a 10, 12 and all-new 5 size, Cortez begins with a custom, corrosion-resistant graphite frame and side plates. For the dollar-conscious, this is the number one area of cost difference between the $145 Cortez and the $290 Cedros star drag. Machined aluminum frames are expensive. For fishing 15- to 30-pound monofilament or 50-pound braid, the lines that cover 90-percent of saltwater fishing, Cortez’ graphite frame is light in the hand and a pleasure to cast for extended periods.

Striper on Savage Sand Eel

Northeast anglers will love Cortez for its ability to cast lures like the Savage Sand Eel for stripers and bluefish, while also having the power and capacity to venture offshore.

In the handle-side side plate is the exclusive Okuma Mechanical Stabilization System, or MSS. Where traditional reels use multiple mounts on the inside of the side plate to anchor and align the spool shaft, pinion gear, pinion gear bearing, drive shaft and main gear, the Okuma MSS system integrates all of these mounts into a single hold plate. When under heavy load, the individual parts of the traditional system move independently and can actually apply pressure against one another. With MSS, all components move in concert with one another, maintaining out-of-the-box alignment and greatly reducing wear over the long-term.

Cortez’ drive system leaves nothing to be desired:  Ergo Grip, anodized aluminum handle arm, XL Gearing, dual anti-reverse systems (mechanical and roller bearing) and four stainless steel ball-bearings on the way to the machined aluminum spool.  With regard to the aluminum spool, line capacities are 315 yards of 15-pound for the size 5, 350 yards of 20-pound for the size 10 and 400 yards of 25-pound for the size 12.  Increase all of those numbers substantially for 30- or 50-pound braid.

Louisiana Yellowfin

School tuna, snapper, amberjack, big jacks, they’re all in the wheelhouse of Cortez, whether fishing live bait or vertical jigs.

The drag system is multi-disc Carbonite, outputting 15-pounds of max. drag from the smallest CZ-5-CS and 18-pounds of max. drag from the larger CZ-10CS and CZ-12CS.

What Makes The Difference

Beyond the powerful gear train, generous line capacity and high-speed gearing, what makes Cortez truly a universal saltwater performer is its magnetic cast control system. Dubbed MCS, the system seals the highly-corrosive magnets within their own environment and any chance of corrosion is eliminated. Outfitted with the MCS, the applications for the Cortez expand far beyond simply a bottom fishing or light trolling reel. Cortez becomes a reel that can go anywhere, from the surf line to far offshore.

In the Northeast, Cortez will accompany surf rods and boat rods alike in pursuit of stripers, bluefish, fluke and school tuna. In the mid Atlantic states Cortez will fish drum, dolphin, blackfin and yellowfin tuna, amberjack and so much more. In Florida and the Gulf Coast, myriad snappers, cobia, jacks, assorted tunas and sailfish, whether bait fishing or vertical jigging. Out West, anglers will use Cortez to cast live baits, bottom bounce California halibut, throw surface iron for yellowtail or swim baits for albacore offshore and bottom fish inshore.

With three sizes and  a focus on fluid casting, internal strength and drag power, there’s little Cortez cannot do.

White Sea Bass

Delivering 18-pounds of max drag from the size 10 and 12, Cortez puts the brakes on structure-oriented fish like this beautiful white sea bass.