Okuma Fishing Tackle Introduces Three New “Canadian-Style” Mooching Rod Families

Mooching is a heavily-preferred technique in Canada for targeting salmon in saltwater. There is much to like about it. Long, limber rods and single-action reels create a fantastic fishing experience where every inch of line is earned and every fish a special event. Continuing a mission to inspire angler participation and enjoyment of the the sport, Okuma Fishing Tackle has proudly introduced new Celilo, Salish and SCT Mooching rods.

Each of the new rod series includes four foundational moderate/moderate-fast rod actions. Two 9’ actions include a medium power rated for 15- to 30-pound line and a medium-heavy power rated for 20- to 40-pound line. Two 10’6’ actions include matching powers to the 9’ models, offering anglers their choice of powers and lengths.

At the core of each series are smooth, responsive 24-Ton carbon blanks. The material delivers loads of inherent power, but does so over a wide-range of flex. As salmon make strong runs, interrupted by violent head shakes, the rod blanks take it all in strike with even pressure that keep hooks solidly connected.

If fishing rods were defined by actions alone, there would only be one series of rods. At each step, Celilo, Salish and SCT incorporate different components and technologies so angler can choose the exact experience that fits them.

Celilo, MSRP $64.99-$69.99

There’s an elegance to the simplicity of Celilo rods. Defined by great rod actions, workmanlike components make them accessible to all anglers at an MSRP of $64.99. The guide system includes stainless steel guide frames with titanium-oxide inserts. The handle system includes cork fore and rear grips. Reel seats hold strong with stainless steel hoods. From a pure fishing perspective, Celilo rods deliver everything an angler needs. Celilo rods are backed by the Okuma 1-Year Limited Warranty.

Salish, MSRP $89.99-$99.99

Salish begins with beautiful rod actions and completes them with beautiful components. The guide system features stainless steel frames and inserts for long-wearing corrosion-resistance in saltwater environments. Handles include two options. The first is a lightweight shrink tube rear grip with compressed cork fore grip. The second is custom 3K woven carbon fiber rear grips with shrink tube fore grips. Offering the ultimate in durability and good looks, 3K woven carbon fiber rear grips shrug off wear from rod holders, clean easily and deliver a lifetime of good looks.

SCT, MSRP $149.99-$154.99

SCT Mooching rods will appeal to those anglers who want the very best-of-the-best. SCT stands for Spiral Carbon Technology and it’s a core feature of ultra-premium SCT Mooching rods. SCT is a double helix wrap of pure carbon thread from tip to butt of the rod. Each carbon thread is comprised of as many as 6,000 micro strands of carbon. SCT reinforcement protects the blank beneath from both exterior damage, and interior stress when under load, by resisting ovaling. Ovaling is then a rod blank is taken out of its round shape when under heavy pressure. When rod blanks go out of round, they lose an exceptional amount of strength, becoming the number one cause of structural blank failure. SCT rods dramatically increase strength and durability.

Every other component of SCT Mooching rods are also the best they can be. The guide system features Fuji double-foot SV guide frames with “O” ring inserts. The handle system includes custom Okuma 3K woven carbon fiber fore and rear grips. Okuma carbon fiber grips provide a positive grip, superior durability, exceptional good looks and clean up with minimal effort.