SCT Musky Rods A Stunning Example Of Strength And Power

Musky fishing is a lesson in faith, a deeply held belief that the fish are there, and the strike will come on the next cast. Like all faiths, faith in musky will be tested and any weakness will be exploited. Thankfully, Okuma Fishing Tackle has introduced new SCT Musky rods, delivering new levels of strength and power that all musky anglers can believe in.

SCT Musky Rod

SCT Musky rods are constructed with exceptional blank reinforcement to handle the rigors of big baits and big fish.

SCT Musky rods utilize the latest technologies and advanced construction techniques to deliver ultimate strength, power and durability. The rod blanks are blends of 24- and 30-Ton carbon for exceptional responsiveness. The tip sections are fortified with Okuma UFR, or Unidirectional Fiber Reinforcement. UFR is an additional layer of unidirectional fiber that increases lifting power in the tip by 3X. Whether casting large lures or putting a hard hookset on a figure-eight fish, UFR protects against tip breakage, the most common form of rod break.

UFR is only one component of blank reinforcement. SCT Musky rod blanks are also treated with Okuma Spiral Carbon Technology. SCT is a dual helix wrap of pure carbon thread over the entire length of the rod blank. Each thread contains more than 6000 individual strands of carbon. SCT maintains the round cross section of the blank under extreme load, resisting ovaling. When rod blanks are subjected to exceptional load, ovaling is when the blank is taken out of round to oval. At that point, the blank’s structure loses strength and failure becomes possible. In combination with the UFR tip, Spiral Carbon Technology provides tip-to-butt durability and complete confidence.

The guide system adds to the platform of power. Running guides are Fuji “K” Concept Deep-Press guides with premium Alconite inserts. The unique shape and 30-degree angle of the frames reduces the ability for braided lines to wrap and hang up on them. In cases where tip wrap occurs, it can most often be fixed by rolling the guides to a downward position, an important feature in long rods where clearing tip wraps is a chore. The tip guides are by Sea Guide with “RS” rings. RS ring material is amazingly hard, 1.5-times as hard as quartz. The material itself is super-small diameter, set deep in the frame, resulting in a well-protected ring with maximum internal clearance for the overall size of the guide.

Rod handles include full length, premium cork grips. Rear grips are 15-3/4-inches in length, and custom contoured fore grips are 5-1/2-inches in length. Fuji trigger reel seats include stainless steel reinforced hoods.

SCT Musky rods include three telescopic casting models. The SCT-C-861XHT-FGa is an 8’6”, moderate-fast/fast action rod in extra-heavy power for casting weights of 4- to 12-ounces. The SCT-C-861XXH-FGa is also 8’6” in length, but features a fast action and extra-extra-heavy power for casting baits up to 16-ounces. The longer SCT-C-931XHT-FGa is 9’3” in length, moderate-fast/fast action and extra-heavy power for casting lure weights up to 16-ounces.

SCT Musky rods are available at an MSRP of $199.99 and are backed by the Okuma Limited Lifetime Warranty.