Komodo SS-Stainless Steel

The New Okuma Komodo SS Casting Reel not only has amazing levels of drag output to take on the largest fish, but it stainless steel main gear, stainless steel pinion gear, along with its heavy duty stainless steel drive, and spool shafts offer serious power and durability.

This powerful reel can take on the largest freshwater fish like pike, musky and salmon, along with the toughest inshore species like stripers, jacks and trophy calico bass. The ALC: Rigid diecast aluminum frame and sideplates form a rigid, but lightweight platform that is comfortable to fish, and ensures consistently smooth casts and retrieves.

The Komodo SS is corrosion resistant with stainless steel bearings. It’s available in both right and left hand retrieve, and is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

Okuma EVx Musky Rods Updated With New Technology And Components

At Okuma Fishing Tackle, the expectation that every product, at every price, be the absolute best it can be. And as new technologies become available, the consumer needs to benefit. With this in mind, Okuma Fishing Tackle has proudly introduced new EVx Musky rods that take an award-winning rod line and make it even better.

EVx Musky Rods

EVx Musky rods include five split grip casting models and three full grip casting models.

Specific EVx Musky rod actions have not changed. The blanks continue to be constructed from powerful and responsive 24-Ton carbon. One primary difference, however, is that new models are now equipped with Okuma UFR, Unidirectional Fiber Reinforcement, technology. UFR adds a layer of unidirectional fiber to the tip section of the rod. This seamless integration delivers a 3X increase in strength and lifting power in the tip. Functionally, UFR fortifies the tip against breakage when casting heavy lures or putting hard hooksets on big fish right near the boat.

New EVx Musky rods also include upgraded rod guides. The guide system now features Sea Guide double-foot, deep-press stainless steel guide frames. The tip guide features Sea Guide’s “RS” ring for unmatched hardness and durability. The guide system anticipates braided lines and provides rock-solid foundation and a long service life.

Handle availability includes both split grip and full length grips. EVx Musky rods include eight total models in five distinct rod actions, three 8’6” actions in heavy, extra-heavy and extra-extra-heavy powers. Then two 9’3” actions in heavy and extra-heavy power. All five rod actions are available in the split grip configuration. Then, three of these actions are also available in full grip models: 8’6” extra-heavy power, 8’6”extra-extra-heavy power and 9’3” extra-heavy power. FG designation in model numbers denote Full Grip.

MSRP of EVx Musky rods are $119.99 for split grip models, $139.99 for full grip models. All EVx Musky rods are backed by the Okuma Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Savage Gear 2012

The Future Is Savage, at least when it comes to supreme lure actions. For those unfamiliar with the brand, Savage Gear is the brainchild of Mads Grosell, a detail-oriented engineer 100% consumed by fish and fishing. With paper and pencil, Grosell has scribed, then constructed the ultimate baitfish actions in Savage Gear hard and soft 4PLay lures.  For pike, musky, halibut, bass and a host of inshore species, Grosell plays with predatory instinct with the full control of a puppet master.

The Savage 4Play is a complete line of hard and soft baits with extensive available sizes and diving characteristics.

Developed and retailed in Europe, Okuma Fishing Tackle has brought Savage Gear to the United States.  Our selection is concise, focusing on the most unique and productive of the selection, but be assured, there’s more to come.

For now, enjoy the 4Play lineup in all its custom configurations, the Larvae, Cutbait Herring and incredibly versatile Sandeels.

Check out the Savage Gear 2012 USA catalog here:  Savage Gear USA 2012 Catalog

See the footage of Savage Gear 4Play lure actions here:  Savage 4Play Video