Metaloid Saltwater Spinning Reels Deliver Aluminum Construction, With Full Stainless Steel Drive System

Building upon the success of the Azores spinning reel platform, Okuma Fishing Tackle has introduced the all-new Metaloid spinning reel, featuring a full aluminum body, aluminum rotor and complete stainless steel drive system for exceptional power and longevity in harsh saltwater environments. At an MSRP of $189.99 to $199.99, Metaloid will define itself clearly as best-in-class.

Metaloid spin

Premium design and materials combine to make Metaloid spinning reels a world-class reel in its category.

At the heart of Metaloid spinning reels is a forged, machine-cut 302 stainless steel main gear matched to a precision, machine-cut stainless steel pinion gear. The main gear is essentially the same drive gear that is in Okuma’s $800 Makaira spinning reel, minus the porting. As a foundational element, the drive system is an immediate step up from more common brass and aluminum gears found in this price category.

Metaloid features an aluminum frame, side plate and rotor for superior rigidity and strength, dramatically improving longevity when fishing high-strength braided lines under high drag pressures. Within the aluminum body, a three-piece carbon fiber Mechanical Stabilization System isolates the aluminum body from the stainless steel drive system. Three components of the Mechanical Stabilization System include two hold plates on each side of the body and a one-way clutch housing at the top of the body. All custom molded to the framing for exacting fit, they provide a solid anchor point for the main gear, bearings and spool shaft while completely isolating stainless internal parts from the aluminum frame. The MSS system adds strength, maintains critical alignment of internal parts, and working in conjunction with the Okuma CRC (Corrosion Resistant Coating) process, eliminates internal corrosion due to contact between dissimilar metals.

Running the centerline of Metaloid spinning reels is an oversized 6mm stainless steel spool shaft. Over the spool shaft, an 8mm forged brass spool shaft sleeve provides a rock solid foundation for the machined aluminum spool and drag system. This wide base stabilizes the spool and drag system and in testing delivers an additional 2-pounds of drag pressure by simply maintaining proper alignment of the drag stack under a heavy load.

The Metaloid drag system is the Okuma Hydro Sealed DFD, Dual Force Drag. This sealed carbon fiber drag system uses a traditional drag stack in the top of the spool and an additional oversized drag washer in the cavernous area beneath the spool. DFD delivers even braking to the top and bottom of the spool, increases maximum drag output and dramatically increases heat dissipation. Metaloid delivers maximum drag availability of up to 46-pounds, depending upon size. The drag system is adjusted via premium machined aluminum and carbon fiber drag spool knob.

With exceptional drag potential, a solid anti-reverse system is a must. Metaloid utilizes dual anti-reverse systems. The one-way clutch bearing is backed by a mechanical anti-reverse system under the rotor for complete peace of mind.

Cranking is effortless on a seven bearing system, including six Okuma High Performance stainless steel bearings and one corrosion-resistant stainless steel roller bearing. The pinion gear bearing (the most potentially exposed to saltwater) is rubber sealed and features a full grease pack, as does the drive shaft bearing.

Metaliod spinning reels include three high-speed models, the M-55S, M-65S and M-90S. The M-55S features a gear ratio of 5.8:1, taking up 39-inches of line with every turn of the handle. The M-55S also features automatic bail trip. Larger M-65S and M-90S models feature 5.4:1 gear ratios, retrieving 42- and 46-inches of line with every turn of the handle, respectively. The 65 and 90 size feature manual-only bail trip for ensured longevity and simply a better system with heavy braided lines.

Constructed from the finest materials and construction techniques available, Metaloid is covered by the Okuma 3-Year Limited Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


Okuma Metaloid Baitcast Reel A Powerful Performer

Okuma’s Metaloid reel families center on powerful, no-nonsense designs constructed from the best available materials. A Metaloid reel is built to fish hard in the world’s most rugged environments. Joining Metaloid lever drag and spinning reels is the all-new Metaloid baitcast reel.


With a machined aluminum frame and side plates, the Metaloid baitcast reel will be a favorite of musky, pike, striper and salmon anglers.

Metaloid baitcast reels feature a machined aluminum frame, side plates and spool to provide a high-quality foundation of brute strength. The reel operates fluidly in fresh and saltwater on four stainless steel ball bearings plus one roller bearing. Precision brass gears create smooth handling at all times. In addition to stainless steel bearings and premium aluminum and brass components, every part within Metaloid is coated with penetrating Corrosion-X HD during the assembly process for above-and-beyond with regard to corrosion-resistance.

The multi-disc drag system features Carbonite washers for long-wearing durability. Carbonite drag washers do not compress when stored under pressure like standard drag washers, and the system maintains its full range over the long term. Maximum drag output is 10-pounds, suitable for virtually all inshore species and large freshwater species like trophy bass, pike, musky, large catfish and salmon.

Casting is controlled by an internal 6-pin Velocity Cast Control. Aluminum drag star and aluminum paddle handle deliver exceptional strength and precise control.

The Metaloid baitcast reel is one model, the M-400, with a 5.1:1 gear ratio that retrieves 23” of line with each turn of the handle. The M-400 hoods 180-yards of 20-pound monofilament, or almost 300-yards of 50-pound braid. Because braid use is expected, the level-wind system remains engaged at all times. This ensures that line is always drawn straight off the reel spool when casting, or when fish are running. With non-stretch braided lines, any introduced angles between the level-wind and line coming off the spool can cause significant extra stress. Metaloid eliminates this issue, delivering even line flow at all times.

The Metaloid baitcast reel is backed by the Okuma 1-Year Limited Warranty.

Okuma Metaloid expanding its family of reels

The Okuma Metaloid has been a solid reel in the Okuma line up for a couple of seasons now capturing many a big fish.  With the incredible SoCal Saltwater season we had last year, these reels were definitely put to the test.  This year, Okuma has added left hand reels into the lineup.  We have also added a couple new colors into the fold.

The Metaloid M-5IIB

The Metaloid M-5IIR


Here is a video by Okuma Product Manager John Bretza talking about the expansion of the Metaloid family.

Okuma Fishing Tackle prides itself on inspiring participation in fishing and creating a better angling experience. When fishing for hard-fighting species like tunas, yellowtail, groupers or stripers there’s no greater frustration than trying to bear down on fish with the opposite hand than is comfortable.  In follow up to the blistering success of the initial Metaloid lever drag introduction, Okuma is introducing a pair of 2-speed models in left-hand retrieve for 2016. Left-handed Metaloid introductions include the M-5IILX and the M-12IILX for exceptional versatility. Additionally, both the size 5 and 12 are now available with the angler’s choice of either matching red or blue spool, drag lever and handle arm. Same incredible reel, now in full black, black/red or black/blue.

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