New Okuma Komodo SS Baitcast Reels Advance With New Size And New Stainless Steel Gear System

The original Komodo 350 size baitcast reels has been the recipient of tremendous accolades. One of our favorites being from a 30-year veteran of big fish angling regularly referring to the reel as an “excellent value” or “best toughness and value I’ve seen.” For 2017, the Komodo family welcomes the Komodo SS, featuring a new 450 size and stainless steel drive system.

Komodo SS with Power Handle

Komodo SS reels are available in both 350 and 450 sizes, twin paddle or power handle, and models for right and left hand retrieve.

The the “SS” in Komodo SS stands for Stainless Steel. The Komodo SS is built around a heavy-duty stainless steel main gear, pinion gear, drive shaft and spool shaft to deliver an internal foundation of unrelenting strength and corrosion-resistance. In short, this is the major point of separation in new Komodo reels for those anglers who want to push these reels towards their maximum drag output of 30-pounds on large predatory fish.

Around this superior foundation, Komodo SS reels continue with premium components including: rigid, machined aluminum frame and spool, aluminum side plates, high-output Carbonite drag system and updated 6-pin Velocity Cast Control System.

Performance features include six or seven (depending upon size) stainless steel HPB High Performance Bearings, plus roller bearing, for outstanding corrosion-resistance. The synchronized level-wind system does not disengage for casting. This ensures that when fishing braided lines, the level-wind always maintains alignment with line as it comes off the spool. In systems where the level-wind disengages, a hot running fish can cause spikes in drag pressure as non-stretch braided lines encounter sharp angles when pulling from one side of the spool when the level-wind may be at the other side of the spool. Bait clickers are standard on all models.

The Komodo SS series includes two sizes, 350 and 450. The 350 size includes a 6.4:1 gear ratio that retrieves 31-inches of line with every turn of the handle and maximum drag output of 25-pounds. There are four models in the 350 size. The KDS-364 ships with standard twin paddle handle at an MSRP or $219.99. The KDS-364LX is the same reel in left-hand retrieve. The 350 size is then available with single, factory power handle in both right- and left-hand retrieve at an MSRP of $234.99 as the KDS-364P and KDS-364PLX, respectively.

The 450 size Komodo is available in right-hand retrieve with two options of gear ratios and the angler’s choice of twin paddle handle or power handle. The KDA-463 features a 6.3:1 gear ratio, picking up 33.5-inches of line with every turn of the handle, and twin paddle handle at an MSRP of $259.99. The KDS-463P is the same reel with power handle, available at an MSRP of $269.99. For faster retrieve, the KDS-471 (paddle handle) and KDS-471P (power handle) include a hyper-fast 7.1:1 gear ratio, taking in 37.7-inches of line with every crank. MSRP on the KDS-471 and KDS-471P is also $269.99.

In left-hand retrieve, the 450 size is available with the 6.3:1 gear ratio as the KDS-463LX ($259.99) with twin paddle handle and the KDS-463PLX ($269.99) with power handle.

Komodo SS series baitcast reels are covered by the Okuma 3-Year Limited Warranty.