Komodo SS-Stainless Steel

The New Okuma Komodo SS Casting Reel not only has amazing levels of drag output to take on the largest fish, but it stainless steel main gear, stainless steel pinion gear, along with its heavy duty stainless steel drive, and spool shafts offer serious power and durability.

This powerful reel can take on the largest freshwater fish like pike, musky and salmon, along with the toughest inshore species like stripers, jacks and trophy calico bass. The ALC: Rigid diecast aluminum frame and sideplates form a rigid, but lightweight platform that is comfortable to fish, and ensures consistently smooth casts and retrieves.

The Komodo SS is corrosion resistant with stainless steel bearings. It’s available in both right and left hand retrieve, and is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

The Fish’n Crazee Show’s TCS Rod Review

Okuma 3

Okuma delivered their latest OKUMA TCS series rod and Helios reel combo / set up for us to look into within many of our Fish’n Crazee Adventures. Well like the other Helios Series we have used successfully this series delivered too. Firstly know the reel speed you want, the series we tried was an 8.1:1 ratio simply to measure the difference between the 7.3:1 on the other models and yes the difference is clear… there is limited slack on any fish looking to surge towards you once hooked or attacking a bait with this reel. You can pick up the slack faster and regain control in many situations. Along with all the engineering qualities that are on offer looking at from fishing point of view this is one work horse reel.

From a castability point of view it takes a little getting used to measuring the type of lures and weights you wish to throw. You almost feel like you want to throw every lure with this set up as its pretty lightweight. However crankbaits & some moving baits need to be thrown on the right style rods that Okuma offers along with a slower retrieve ratio reel ( 5.4:1 Komodo or 6.6:1 Helios TCS). You need the forgiveness of a softer action rod for the crankbaits you wish to throw and also need a stiffer faster action for jig or worm fishing so make sure you pair up right for the right results. I did find that the higher speed reel with topwaters and some moving baits was a slight adjustment in cadence because of the higher speed which was great because you don’t have to work it as hard since the reel picks up the slack pretty well.

Luck would have it while we trying our best to get a review done with the bass market in mind we managed to hook many other species including Stripers, Hybrid Bass, Catfish. One particular case was a 20lb flathead catfish thought a jigging spoon would make a nice snack… with 12lb line the rod and reel combo handled the fight with ease, the TCS drag tired the large fish out and after a few smooth surging runs , we landed , photographed and released the fish! ( see attached pictures)… So that being said it should handle a lot of your bass fishing objectives

Okuma 2

Compare if you must however if you looking for a reel that is comfortable, small in the palm of your hand for all day use and less fatigue due to its lightweight design you pretty much have dynamic combination along with the TCS rod for the application you want…. In comparable class you will get every dime in value and the results will speak for themselves.


By Xavier Tiberghien ( Host of “The Fish’n Crazee TV Show”)