Okuma Metaloid Baitcast Reel A Powerful Performer

Okuma’s Metaloid reel families center on powerful, no-nonsense designs constructed from the best available materials. A Metaloid reel is built to fish hard in the world’s most rugged environments. Joining Metaloid lever drag and spinning reels is the all-new Metaloid baitcast reel.


With a machined aluminum frame and side plates, the Metaloid baitcast reel will be a favorite of musky, pike, striper and salmon anglers.

Metaloid baitcast reels feature a machined aluminum frame, side plates and spool to provide a high-quality foundation of brute strength. The reel operates fluidly in fresh and saltwater on four stainless steel ball bearings plus one roller bearing. Precision brass gears create smooth handling at all times. In addition to stainless steel bearings and premium aluminum and brass components, every part within Metaloid is coated with penetrating Corrosion-X HD during the assembly process for above-and-beyond with regard to corrosion-resistance.

The multi-disc drag system features Carbonite washers for long-wearing durability. Carbonite drag washers do not compress when stored under pressure like standard drag washers, and the system maintains its full range over the long term. Maximum drag output is 10-pounds, suitable for virtually all inshore species and large freshwater species like trophy bass, pike, musky, large catfish and salmon.

Casting is controlled by an internal 6-pin Velocity Cast Control. Aluminum drag star and aluminum paddle handle deliver exceptional strength and precise control.

The Metaloid baitcast reel is one model, the M-400, with a 5.1:1 gear ratio that retrieves 23” of line with each turn of the handle. The M-400 hoods 180-yards of 20-pound monofilament, or almost 300-yards of 50-pound braid. Because braid use is expected, the level-wind system remains engaged at all times. This ensures that line is always drawn straight off the reel spool when casting, or when fish are running. With non-stretch braided lines, any introduced angles between the level-wind and line coming off the spool can cause significant extra stress. Metaloid eliminates this issue, delivering even line flow at all times.

The Metaloid baitcast reel is backed by the Okuma 1-Year Limited Warranty.

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