SCT Musky Rods A Stunning Example Of Strength And Power

Musky fishing is a lesson in faith, a deeply held belief that the fish are there, and the strike will come on the next cast. Like all faiths, faith in musky will be tested and any weakness will be exploited. Thankfully, Okuma Fishing Tackle has introduced new SCT Musky rods, delivering new levels of strength and power that all musky anglers can believe in.

SCT Musky Rod

SCT Musky rods are constructed with exceptional blank reinforcement to handle the rigors of big baits and big fish.

SCT Musky rods utilize the latest technologies and advanced construction techniques to deliver ultimate strength, power and durability. The rod blanks are blends of 24- and 30-Ton carbon for exceptional responsiveness. The tip sections are fortified with Okuma UFR, or Unidirectional Fiber Reinforcement. UFR is an additional layer of unidirectional fiber that increases lifting power in the tip by 3X. Whether casting large lures or putting a hard hookset on a figure-eight fish, UFR protects against tip breakage, the most common form of rod break.

UFR is only one component of blank reinforcement. SCT Musky rod blanks are also treated with Okuma Spiral Carbon Technology. SCT is a dual helix wrap of pure carbon thread over the entire length of the rod blank. Each thread contains more than 6000 individual strands of carbon. SCT maintains the round cross section of the blank under extreme load, resisting ovaling. When rod blanks are subjected to exceptional load, ovaling is when the blank is taken out of round to oval. At that point, the blank’s structure loses strength and failure becomes possible. In combination with the UFR tip, Spiral Carbon Technology provides tip-to-butt durability and complete confidence.

The guide system adds to the platform of power. Running guides are Fuji “K” Concept Deep-Press guides with premium Alconite inserts. The unique shape and 30-degree angle of the frames reduces the ability for braided lines to wrap and hang up on them. In cases where tip wrap occurs, it can most often be fixed by rolling the guides to a downward position, an important feature in long rods where clearing tip wraps is a chore. The tip guides are by Sea Guide with “RS” rings. RS ring material is amazingly hard, 1.5-times as hard as quartz. The material itself is super-small diameter, set deep in the frame, resulting in a well-protected ring with maximum internal clearance for the overall size of the guide.

Rod handles include full length, premium cork grips. Rear grips are 15-3/4-inches in length, and custom contoured fore grips are 5-1/2-inches in length. Fuji trigger reel seats include stainless steel reinforced hoods.

SCT Musky rods include three telescopic casting models. The SCT-C-861XHT-FGa is an 8’6”, moderate-fast/fast action rod in extra-heavy power for casting weights of 4- to 12-ounces. The SCT-C-861XXH-FGa is also 8’6” in length, but features a fast action and extra-extra-heavy power for casting baits up to 16-ounces. The longer SCT-C-931XHT-FGa is 9’3” in length, moderate-fast/fast action and extra-heavy power for casting lure weights up to 16-ounces.

SCT Musky rods are available at an MSRP of $199.99 and are backed by the Okuma Limited Lifetime Warranty.

SBX Swimbait Rods Deliver Extreme Performance

There’s no doubt that Okuma Fishing Tackle is home to a number of hard-core swimbait anglers. As the U.S. distributors of Savage Gear lures, a preeminent manufacturer of swimbaits, Okuma rods and reels come together with the lures like bread and butter. Solidifying their presence as an elite-level manufacturer in the swimbait market, Okuma Fishing Tackle has proudly introduced new SBX swimbait rods.

SBX Swimbait rods incorporate advanced materials, construction techniques and components to deliver swimbait anglers stunning actions, in powerful rods that are built to last. Construction begins with a blend of highly-responsive 24- and 30-Ton carbon. The tip sections are then fortified by Okuma UFR (Unidirectional Fiber Reinforcement) technology. UFR adds a layer of unidirectional fiber to the tip section of the rod. This seamless integration delivers a 3X increase in strength and lifting power in the tip. Functionally, UFR dramatically strengthens the tip against breakage when casting heavy lures and landing big fish.

The guides system is second-to-none, including Sea Guide ZEUSS Deep-Press Titanium guide frames that are 43% lighter than comparable stainless steel. The inserts are Sea Guide “RS” inserts, 1.5 times harder than quartz and one of the hardest ring materials available. Due to the inherent strength of the RS material, the diameter of the actual ring material can me much smaller than normal. Inserts made from RS material will deliver a larger opening for lines and knots to pass through than different materials in the same guide size.

It’s the grip systems of SBX Swimbait rods that will be immediately recognized. The fore grip and rear grip are constructed from premium 3K woven carbon fiber. The material is uncoated, offering a fine texture that creates a perfectly positive grip. The fore grip is part of the reel seat and screws down to secure the reel, covering all reel seat threads for total comfort in the hand. Okuma 3K woven carbon fiber grips have no filler, clean up with minimal effort a look great for the lifetime of the rod. Reel seats are by Fuji, with stainless steel hoods for strength. An oversized EVA butt cap provides an anchor point for the non-reel hand when throwing big baits long distances.

SBX Swimbait rods include three models, each 7’11” in length. SBX-C-7111H is a heavy power, moderate-fast action rod for 15- to 30-pound line and lures weighing 1- to 6-ounces. The SBX-C-711XH is an extra-heavy power with fast action. The XH is rated for 15- to 40-pound line and lures weights from 2- to 10-ounces. The most powerful rod in the line is the SBX-C-7111XXH. With extra-extra-heavy power, fast action and rated for 20- to 40-pound line, this is the choice for baits weighing 5- to 14-ounces.

SBX Swimbait rods are available at an MSRP of $229.99 and are backed by the Okuma Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Okuma Reflexions Bass And Inshore Rods Make Premier Actions Accessible To All Anglers

Since our beginning, Okuma Fishing Tackle has welcomed every consumer to our product line, regardless of that consumer’s budget.

Reflexions full grip rod

Reflexions rods offer anglers a foundational series of rods they can fish throughout their angling career.

Okuma’s growth has come by developing a relationship of trust with customers, within which it is understood that no matter what the retail cost, the Okuma product will deliver features and performance over and above. Reflexions bass fishing rods have played a key role, as anglers count on these rods to deliver an outstanding fishing experience. Updated and upgraded for 2017, new Reflexions rods put excellence within reach of every angler.

New Reflexions rods include 21 models: five one-piece casting rods with split grips, two two-piece casting rods with split grips, two casting rods with full rear grips, six spinning rods with split grips, four two-piece spinning rods with split grips and two spinning rods with full rear grips. The selection covers every bass fishing technique, minus the very heaviest “meat stick” techniques. Given the power range of medium-light to medium-heavy, Reflexions rods also excel in inshore applications for species like speckled trout and redfish.

Reflexions rods begin with 24-Ton carbon fiber blanks. For 2017, new Reflexions rods include Okuma UFR, or Unidirectional Fiber Reinforcement, technology. Within UFR construction the carbon tip section of the blank receives a reinforcing layer of unidirectional fiber. The result is a 3X increase in lifting power of the rod tip and a dramatic decrease in the number one source of rod failure, broken tip sections.

Guide systems have been upgraded across all models. New Reflexions rods utilize Sea Guide Deep-Press frames with aluminum oxide inserts. The Sea Guide frame uses precise angles to minimize the ability of line, braided or monofilament, to wrap the guide frame. The Deep-Press of the rings minimizes ring exposure to damage and provide a secure hold over the long term.

Reflexions spinning rod

Reflexions spinning rods are built with split grips for lighter weight and exceptional handling.

Handle systems are also completely new. Standard pipe reel seats have been replaced with skeletonized seats with custom cork inserts for exceptional comfort. Split grip models include contoured rear cork grips for a perfect fit in the hand. Chrome winding checks add beautiful detail. New models include the availability of rods with full rear grips in both casting and spinning.

New Reflexions rods are available at an MSRP of $69.99 across all models, with exception of four full grip models that carry an MSRP of $79.99. Reflexions rods are backed by the Okuma 1-Year Limited Warranty.

Okuma Fishing Tackle Introduces Three New “Canadian-Style” Mooching Rod Families

Mooching is a heavily-preferred technique in Canada for targeting salmon in saltwater. There is much to like about it. Long, limber rods and single-action reels create a fantastic fishing experience where every inch of line is earned and every fish a special event. Continuing a mission to inspire angler participation and enjoyment of the the sport, Okuma Fishing Tackle has proudly introduced new Celilo, Salish and SCT Mooching rods.

Each of the new rod series includes four foundational moderate/moderate-fast rod actions. Two 9’ actions include a medium power rated for 15- to 30-pound line and a medium-heavy power rated for 20- to 40-pound line. Two 10’6’ actions include matching powers to the 9’ models, offering anglers their choice of powers and lengths.

At the core of each series are smooth, responsive 24-Ton carbon blanks. The material delivers loads of inherent power, but does so over a wide-range of flex. As salmon make strong runs, interrupted by violent head shakes, the rod blanks take it all in strike with even pressure that keep hooks solidly connected.

If fishing rods were defined by actions alone, there would only be one series of rods. At each step, Celilo, Salish and SCT incorporate different components and technologies so angler can choose the exact experience that fits them.

Celilo, MSRP $64.99-$69.99

There’s an elegance to the simplicity of Celilo rods. Defined by great rod actions, workmanlike components make them accessible to all anglers at an MSRP of $64.99. The guide system includes stainless steel guide frames with titanium-oxide inserts. The handle system includes cork fore and rear grips. Reel seats hold strong with stainless steel hoods. From a pure fishing perspective, Celilo rods deliver everything an angler needs. Celilo rods are backed by the Okuma 1-Year Limited Warranty.

Salish, MSRP $89.99-$99.99

Salish begins with beautiful rod actions and completes them with beautiful components. The guide system features stainless steel frames and inserts for long-wearing corrosion-resistance in saltwater environments. Handles include two options. The first is a lightweight shrink tube rear grip with compressed cork fore grip. The second is custom 3K woven carbon fiber rear grips with shrink tube fore grips. Offering the ultimate in durability and good looks, 3K woven carbon fiber rear grips shrug off wear from rod holders, clean easily and deliver a lifetime of good looks.

SCT, MSRP $149.99-$154.99

SCT Mooching rods will appeal to those anglers who want the very best-of-the-best. SCT stands for Spiral Carbon Technology and it’s a core feature of ultra-premium SCT Mooching rods. SCT is a double helix wrap of pure carbon thread from tip to butt of the rod. Each carbon thread is comprised of as many as 6,000 micro strands of carbon. SCT reinforcement protects the blank beneath from both exterior damage, and interior stress when under load, by resisting ovaling. Ovaling is then a rod blank is taken out of its round shape when under heavy pressure. When rod blanks go out of round, they lose an exceptional amount of strength, becoming the number one cause of structural blank failure. SCT rods dramatically increase strength and durability.

Every other component of SCT Mooching rods are also the best they can be. The guide system features Fuji double-foot SV guide frames with “O” ring inserts. The handle system includes custom Okuma 3K woven carbon fiber fore and rear grips. Okuma carbon fiber grips provide a positive grip, superior durability, exceptional good looks and clean up with minimal effort.


Metaloid Saltwater Spinning Reels Deliver Aluminum Construction, With Full Stainless Steel Drive System

Building upon the success of the Azores spinning reel platform, Okuma Fishing Tackle has introduced the all-new Metaloid spinning reel, featuring a full aluminum body, aluminum rotor and complete stainless steel drive system for exceptional power and longevity in harsh saltwater environments. At an MSRP of $189.99 to $199.99, Metaloid will define itself clearly as best-in-class.

Metaloid spin

Premium design and materials combine to make Metaloid spinning reels a world-class reel in its category.

At the heart of Metaloid spinning reels is a forged, machine-cut 302 stainless steel main gear matched to a precision, machine-cut stainless steel pinion gear. The main gear is essentially the same drive gear that is in Okuma’s $800 Makaira spinning reel, minus the porting. As a foundational element, the drive system is an immediate step up from more common brass and aluminum gears found in this price category.

Metaloid features an aluminum frame, side plate and rotor for superior rigidity and strength, dramatically improving longevity when fishing high-strength braided lines under high drag pressures. Within the aluminum body, a three-piece carbon fiber Mechanical Stabilization System isolates the aluminum body from the stainless steel drive system. Three components of the Mechanical Stabilization System include two hold plates on each side of the body and a one-way clutch housing at the top of the body. All custom molded to the framing for exacting fit, they provide a solid anchor point for the main gear, bearings and spool shaft while completely isolating stainless internal parts from the aluminum frame. The MSS system adds strength, maintains critical alignment of internal parts, and working in conjunction with the Okuma CRC (Corrosion Resistant Coating) process, eliminates internal corrosion due to contact between dissimilar metals.

Running the centerline of Metaloid spinning reels is an oversized 6mm stainless steel spool shaft. Over the spool shaft, an 8mm forged brass spool shaft sleeve provides a rock solid foundation for the machined aluminum spool and drag system. This wide base stabilizes the spool and drag system and in testing delivers an additional 2-pounds of drag pressure by simply maintaining proper alignment of the drag stack under a heavy load.

The Metaloid drag system is the Okuma Hydro Sealed DFD, Dual Force Drag. This sealed carbon fiber drag system uses a traditional drag stack in the top of the spool and an additional oversized drag washer in the cavernous area beneath the spool. DFD delivers even braking to the top and bottom of the spool, increases maximum drag output and dramatically increases heat dissipation. Metaloid delivers maximum drag availability of up to 46-pounds, depending upon size. The drag system is adjusted via premium machined aluminum and carbon fiber drag spool knob.

With exceptional drag potential, a solid anti-reverse system is a must. Metaloid utilizes dual anti-reverse systems. The one-way clutch bearing is backed by a mechanical anti-reverse system under the rotor for complete peace of mind.

Cranking is effortless on a seven bearing system, including six Okuma High Performance stainless steel bearings and one corrosion-resistant stainless steel roller bearing. The pinion gear bearing (the most potentially exposed to saltwater) is rubber sealed and features a full grease pack, as does the drive shaft bearing.

Metaliod spinning reels include three high-speed models, the M-55S, M-65S and M-90S. The M-55S features a gear ratio of 5.8:1, taking up 39-inches of line with every turn of the handle. The M-55S also features automatic bail trip. Larger M-65S and M-90S models feature 5.4:1 gear ratios, retrieving 42- and 46-inches of line with every turn of the handle, respectively. The 65 and 90 size feature manual-only bail trip for ensured longevity and simply a better system with heavy braided lines.

Constructed from the finest materials and construction techniques available, Metaloid is covered by the Okuma 3-Year Limited Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


Okuma Metaloid Baitcast Reel A Powerful Performer

Okuma’s Metaloid reel families center on powerful, no-nonsense designs constructed from the best available materials. A Metaloid reel is built to fish hard in the world’s most rugged environments. Joining Metaloid lever drag and spinning reels is the all-new Metaloid baitcast reel.


With a machined aluminum frame and side plates, the Metaloid baitcast reel will be a favorite of musky, pike, striper and salmon anglers.

Metaloid baitcast reels feature a machined aluminum frame, side plates and spool to provide a high-quality foundation of brute strength. The reel operates fluidly in fresh and saltwater on four stainless steel ball bearings plus one roller bearing. Precision brass gears create smooth handling at all times. In addition to stainless steel bearings and premium aluminum and brass components, every part within Metaloid is coated with penetrating Corrosion-X HD during the assembly process for above-and-beyond with regard to corrosion-resistance.

The multi-disc drag system features Carbonite washers for long-wearing durability. Carbonite drag washers do not compress when stored under pressure like standard drag washers, and the system maintains its full range over the long term. Maximum drag output is 10-pounds, suitable for virtually all inshore species and large freshwater species like trophy bass, pike, musky, large catfish and salmon.

Casting is controlled by an internal 6-pin Velocity Cast Control. Aluminum drag star and aluminum paddle handle deliver exceptional strength and precise control.

The Metaloid baitcast reel is one model, the M-400, with a 5.1:1 gear ratio that retrieves 23” of line with each turn of the handle. The M-400 hoods 180-yards of 20-pound monofilament, or almost 300-yards of 50-pound braid. Because braid use is expected, the level-wind system remains engaged at all times. This ensures that line is always drawn straight off the reel spool when casting, or when fish are running. With non-stretch braided lines, any introduced angles between the level-wind and line coming off the spool can cause significant extra stress. Metaloid eliminates this issue, delivering even line flow at all times.

The Metaloid baitcast reel is backed by the Okuma 1-Year Limited Warranty.

Makaira Spinning Reels Launch Okuma Fishing Tackle Into Elite-Level Big Game Spinning Reel Market

In 2010, Okuma Fishing Tackle earned a position among elite manufacturers of conventional offshore reels with the introduction of Makaira lever drag reels. For 2017, Okuma continues to reinvent big game fishing with Makaira spinning reels, again delivering unique, advanced design and new levels of power and longevity.

Makaira Spinning Reel

Makaira spinning reels are a revolutionary display of structural strength, fish-fighting power and long-term durability.

Makaira spinning reels are based upon the Okuma 4D Concept of performance benchmarks: Design, Drive, Drag and Durability. Two sizes include the MK-20000 with a capacity of 490-yards of 65-pound braid and the MK-30000 with a capacity of 700-yards of 80-pound braid. Makaira spinning reels are fixed retrieve, including four total models: the MK-20000LS and MK-30000LS in left hand retrieve and the MK-20000RS and MK-30000RS in right hand retrieve. The screw-in, non-folding handle arm design delivers ultimate strength from the connection.

The two sizes of Makaira spinning reels, 20000 and 30000, weigh 32.5 and 36.7 ounces respectively. As construction materials are considered, Makaira’s finished weight is generally within 2-ounces of competitive reels.

Working from the outside in, the frame, side plate and Cyclonic Flow rotor are cold forged, then machined, from A6061 aircraft aluminum. Cold forging compresses more material into a given space, producing greater consistency and strength than components machined from billet aluminum or die-cast, both of which are current standards in the industry. Makaira is the only spinning reel available with a complete forged aluminum housing.

Makaira Spinning Frame

Makaira spinning reels utilize a forged, machined aluminum frame for unmatched strength.

To stand up to brutal saltwater conditions, the body and spool of the Makaira spinning reel are watertight, sealed by twenty-three oil-retaining O-rings and gaskets. All internal mechanisms are sealed and protected from salt. Within this sealed environment is Makaira’s drive system. Featuring a forged, machine cut and ported 304 stainless steel main gear paired with a 17-4 stainless steel pinion gear, the strength of the drive system is unmatched. The oscillation system furthers the strength and precision of the drive system, supported by two shafts to provide a solid foundation.

The Makaira drive system runs fluidly on nine Japanese NMB ball bearings plus roller bearing. Bearing placements include two in the spool/drag system, two on the pinion gear, two on the drive gear and one each on the rotor nut, transmission gear and line roller.

Drag systems are points of separation in big game reels and the Makaira spinning reel again stands apart. Utilizing the Okuma Dual Force Drag, the system utilizes a greased carbon fiber/stainless steel drag stack in the top of the spool as well as additional oversized carbon fiber and stainless drag washers in the massive area on the bottom of the spool. By utilizing both the top and bottom of the spool in the DFD system, braking is even, drag output is increased and heat dissipation is dramatically improved.

Makaira Main Gear

A forged stainless steel main gear headlines Makaira’s design excellence.

The Makaira DFD system delivers an amazing 66-pounds of maximum drag pressure. Within this exceptional range, the design also delivers outstanding precision. Makaira features Okuma’s unique Micro Adjustable Power Drag, that essentially operates like a conventional lever drag system with a drag preset, then fine adjustment within the range. With the drag returned to zero, the coarse adjustment is set. From there, 60 detent points within 20 reference points on the drag housing control fine adjustment. The Makaira drag system can be set to push fishing lines right to, without exceeding, their breaking points.

In expectation of high drag output, Makaira spinning reels feature dual anti-reverse systems. An IMA German one-way clutch bearing is backed up by a ratcheting anti-reverse system for complete security on the largest fish.

On top of the best materials available, all internal and external metal parts of the Makaira spinning reel are coating with Corrosion X HD during assembly. This penetrating coating is one final preventive measure against saltwater corrosion.

Standing behind the finest construction in the industry is Okuma’s industry-leading 5-Year Limited Warranty. In addition to covering any defects in materials and workmanship, the warranty includes one free lube and service during the 5-year period. Anglers need only pay for freight to and from Okuma to have their reel inspected, cleaned and re-lubed to factory specifications.

Makaira spinning reels will be available this fall at an MSRP of $769.99 for the 20000 size and $879.99 for the 300000 size. Check your local dealers for availability.

New Okuma Komodo SS Baitcast Reels Advance With New Size And New Stainless Steel Gear System

The original Komodo 350 size baitcast reels has been the recipient of tremendous accolades. One of our favorites being from a 30-year veteran of big fish angling regularly referring to the reel as an “excellent value” or “best toughness and value I’ve seen.” For 2017, the Komodo family welcomes the Komodo SS, featuring a new 450 size and stainless steel drive system.

Komodo SS with Power Handle

Komodo SS reels are available in both 350 and 450 sizes, twin paddle or power handle, and models for right and left hand retrieve.

The the “SS” in Komodo SS stands for Stainless Steel. The Komodo SS is built around a heavy-duty stainless steel main gear, pinion gear, drive shaft and spool shaft to deliver an internal foundation of unrelenting strength and corrosion-resistance. In short, this is the major point of separation in new Komodo reels for those anglers who want to push these reels towards their maximum drag output of 30-pounds on large predatory fish.

Around this superior foundation, Komodo SS reels continue with premium components including: rigid, machined aluminum frame and spool, aluminum side plates, high-output Carbonite drag system and updated 6-pin Velocity Cast Control System.

Performance features include six or seven (depending upon size) stainless steel HPB High Performance Bearings, plus roller bearing, for outstanding corrosion-resistance. The synchronized level-wind system does not disengage for casting. This ensures that when fishing braided lines, the level-wind always maintains alignment with line as it comes off the spool. In systems where the level-wind disengages, a hot running fish can cause spikes in drag pressure as non-stretch braided lines encounter sharp angles when pulling from one side of the spool when the level-wind may be at the other side of the spool. Bait clickers are standard on all models.

The Komodo SS series includes two sizes, 350 and 450. The 350 size includes a 6.4:1 gear ratio that retrieves 31-inches of line with every turn of the handle and maximum drag output of 25-pounds. There are four models in the 350 size. The KDS-364 ships with standard twin paddle handle at an MSRP or $219.99. The KDS-364LX is the same reel in left-hand retrieve. The 350 size is then available with single, factory power handle in both right- and left-hand retrieve at an MSRP of $234.99 as the KDS-364P and KDS-364PLX, respectively.

The 450 size Komodo is available in right-hand retrieve with two options of gear ratios and the angler’s choice of twin paddle handle or power handle. The KDA-463 features a 6.3:1 gear ratio, picking up 33.5-inches of line with every turn of the handle, and twin paddle handle at an MSRP of $259.99. The KDS-463P is the same reel with power handle, available at an MSRP of $269.99. For faster retrieve, the KDS-471 (paddle handle) and KDS-471P (power handle) include a hyper-fast 7.1:1 gear ratio, taking in 37.7-inches of line with every crank. MSRP on the KDS-471 and KDS-471P is also $269.99.

In left-hand retrieve, the 450 size is available with the 6.3:1 gear ratio as the KDS-463LX ($259.99) with twin paddle handle and the KDS-463PLX ($269.99) with power handle.

Komodo SS series baitcast reels are covered by the Okuma 3-Year Limited Warranty.

Helios SX Spinning Reels Showcase Light Weight And Superior Strength Of Okuma C-40X Construction

As materials advance, fishing rods and reels continue to get lighter, while also increasing in power and durability. Okuma Helios SX spinning reels combine advanced design and C-40X long-strand carbon fiber construction to deliver fantastic handling with exceptional strength for freshwater and inshore saltwater fisheries.

Helios SX spinning reel

Helios SX reels are the culmination of superior design, materials and construction that come together to create an light, powerful spinning reel for freshwater and inshore saltwater.

The body, side plate and rotor of the Helios SX are constructed of Okuma C-40X long-strand carbon fiber. Where graphite reel construction utilizes powder suspended in resin, C-40X uses strands of carbon fiber that become interwoven thousands of times. The necessary quantity of resin is lower, and finished parts are both more precise and deliver superior strength. Parts constructed from C-40X carbon fiber are 25% lighter and 50% stronger than their graphite counterparts. C-40X construction is also completely corrosion-free.

C-40X construction is not only stronger than graphite, it’s also more rigid. By eliminating flex under normal fishing loads, C-40X delivers superior alignment of internal parts. Flex, and its associated movement, is what causes the most wear on internal parts. By maintaining a rigid structural platform, C-40X construction increases the longevity of all internal parts and systems.

Beginning with exceptional C-40X construction, new Helios SX reels then utilize top design technologies. At the back end of the reel and including the reel stem and foot is Okuma Torsion Control Armor. This unique design anchors the reel body within a wide yoke. Under stress, this wide footprint virtually eliminates flex and twist. Furthermore, it maintains a firm connection between the internal gears. Under load, the main gear of a spinning reel wants to push outward. By firmly stabilizing the body from the exterior, positive gear connection is maintained throughout the life of the reel.

The C-40X Cyclonic Flow Rotor on Helios SX reels includes more than stunning good looks. Short of elite-level reels with fully sealed bodies, most reels seek to minimize water intrusion beneath the spool with extra structure. The issue becomes that water inevitably enters, and these partially-sealed systems then make it difficult to get that water out. On the Helios SX, the full rotor system is ported to an extreme level. Instead of guarding against water intrusion, the Cyclonic Flow Rotor focuses on evacuating water from the system and drying the reel out. The shape of the rotor envelopes the system in a circular airflow. By simply using the reel, water is driven from it and accumulated moisture dried. In rainy environments, the rotor system dries faster than a traditional design when both are put into dry storage after a wet day of fishing.

Helios SX spinning reels include three sizes: HSX-20, HSX-30 and HSX-40. Additionally, the 40 size is available with high-speed 5.8:1 gearing, the HSX-40S. Internal systems include eight stainless steel and corrosion-resistant High Performance Bearings and one roller bearing. The main gear is cut from aluminum for light weight and outstanding strength. The machine cut brass pinion gear keeps the Helios SX extremely smooth.

MSRP of Helios SX spinning reels is $129.99 and are backed by the Okuma 1-Year Limited Warranty.

Okuma EVx Musky Rods Updated With New Technology And Components

At Okuma Fishing Tackle, the expectation that every product, at every price, be the absolute best it can be. And as new technologies become available, the consumer needs to benefit. With this in mind, Okuma Fishing Tackle has proudly introduced new EVx Musky rods that take an award-winning rod line and make it even better.

EVx Musky Rods

EVx Musky rods include five split grip casting models and three full grip casting models.

Specific EVx Musky rod actions have not changed. The blanks continue to be constructed from powerful and responsive 24-Ton carbon. One primary difference, however, is that new models are now equipped with Okuma UFR, Unidirectional Fiber Reinforcement, technology. UFR adds a layer of unidirectional fiber to the tip section of the rod. This seamless integration delivers a 3X increase in strength and lifting power in the tip. Functionally, UFR fortifies the tip against breakage when casting heavy lures or putting hard hooksets on big fish right near the boat.

New EVx Musky rods also include upgraded rod guides. The guide system now features Sea Guide double-foot, deep-press stainless steel guide frames. The tip guide features Sea Guide’s “RS” ring for unmatched hardness and durability. The guide system anticipates braided lines and provides rock-solid foundation and a long service life.

Handle availability includes both split grip and full length grips. EVx Musky rods include eight total models in five distinct rod actions, three 8’6” actions in heavy, extra-heavy and extra-extra-heavy powers. Then two 9’3” actions in heavy and extra-heavy power. All five rod actions are available in the split grip configuration. Then, three of these actions are also available in full grip models: 8’6” extra-heavy power, 8’6”extra-extra-heavy power and 9’3” extra-heavy power. FG designation in model numbers denote Full Grip.

MSRP of EVx Musky rods are $119.99 for split grip models, $139.99 for full grip models. All EVx Musky rods are backed by the Okuma Limited Lifetime Warranty.