Team Ballast Point Takes Down SWBA Long Beach Event

Okuma Pro’s Mike Lane and Scott Pethtel of Ballast Point Spirits Fishing Team just finished up round 3 of the SWBA season with an impressive win in not so favorable conditions. SWBA’s round 3 was based out of Long Beach, tournament hours were from 4pm to 12am. This event also had boundaries from Laguna Beach SMR to Rat’s Beach in Redondo. We asked them to break down there night and game plan going into this event.

“We knew it was going to be windy and rough all night,” Pethtel said. “We really only had two choices: one, we run to Palos Verdes and fish calico’s till the sun goes down and then settle into Long Beach and fish sand bass, or two, scratch the calico’s and run south to Huntington and Newport and fish sand bass for the whole event. We figured most teams would try and protect themselves at the breakwall so we decided to get away from the crowds and just go for it. Our plan was to run to Huntington and start off on some stones on the beach and then head for some deeper reef spots in Newport.”

Well the decision to run south paid off. “We started out pretty slow, but once the sun went down it went full speed,” Lane said. “Between 7 and 11 pm we had gone through 40 fish and had culled about 15 times. We were throwing Big Pancho 6.5” “Crooked Tail” swimbaits matched to 3 oz Bladerunner swimbait heads, all on Okuma 350 Komodo reels loaded with 65-lb. braid. The 24 lbs. of drag on the Komodo’s was crucial as the fish had no chance to get us in the reef, even in 80’ of water.”

When it was all over Mike and Scott brought to the scales 25.80 lbs. of sand bass, just edging out the current leaders and securing the title for Round 3. As defending 2014 Anglers of the Year in the SWBA, this win pulls them within 20 points of the current leader with two more events left in the season. You can follow Lane and Pethtel on Facebook at Ballast Point Spirits Fishing Team.

Okuma Warranty And Service Center Instructions

At Okuma Fishing Tackle our total commitment to our customers includes service after the sale. With this in mind, we’ve launched a new and completely online Warranty and Repair Center to best serve you.

In order to value your time, we’ve outlined the following instructions as a reference guide.

Step 1- Create an Account or Log In to your existing account.

To utilize the Okuma Service Center, you must create an account and be logged into that account. Click on the Sign In link at the top right of the Home Page.

Every aspect of the Okuma Service Center is tied to your user account. Within it you can locate your Product Registrations, track your items in the Service Center and have a record of your Account History.

You must be logged into the site to access your warrenty and repair information.

Step 2- Click on the Service Center link beneath the Account navigation menu.

Choose Account History, Warranty or Repair service.

Step 3- Create or locate your Warranty card

Use the form fields to search for your registered products. Or, use the link at the top left to create a new Warranty Card. All products must have a registered warranty card to utilize the Service Center.

Every Warranty request must be tied to a Warranty card. If you did not register your warranty online at the time of purchase, you will have to submit a warranty card to proceed.

If your warranty was registered online, enter your information into the form fields to search for your registered warranties.

Step 4- Choose your registered product.

Choose product for warranty from the list of registered product that appears on the right.

All product warranties that you have registered will appear on the right-hand side of the screen.
Select the product that you need assistance with.

Step 5- Finalize your Warranty or Repair request.
Fill out the complete repair request form, including a description of the issue with the product.

Step 6- Use the Submit button to complete your Warranty or Repair request.
Once you hit the submit button, you have entered the Okuma Service Center and will be contacted by email or phone with further information and status updates.


Do not send any product to Okuma Fishing Tackle without the Warranty Registration Number provided in the process. Without a Warranty Registration Number, we have no way to track your product within our systems and are unable to accept responsibility for that product.

When sending product to the Okuma Service Center:

  1. Write the Warranty Registration Number prominently on the EXTERIOR of your shipping box.
  2. If you’re unsure your rod or reel is under warranty, please contact an Okuma Customer Service Representative at 800-GO-OKUMA.
  3. Include a note in the INTERIOR of the box that includes the Warranty Registration Number, your name and shipping information.
  4. To expedite return shipping of warranty product, please include a check for the following amounts with your product.
    Reel:  $7.95
    1 Year Warranty Rod:  $14.95
    Limited-Lifetime Warranty Rod: $19.95
  5. When returning rods for Warranty claims, the whole rod must be returned to Okuma Fishing Tackle.

Shore Thing Charters Continues Epic Fishing

Capt. Sonny Schindler of Shore Thing Fishing Charters out of Bay St. Louis, MS sent in some great reports and photos recently of some excellent fishing down in the gulf.  Check out his most recent blog post here: