Back to the Flats – Okuma Helios

Here is a great blog write by BD Outdoor’s Scott Goodwin on fishing the flats with the Okuma Helios line of spinning reels.

By Scott Goodwin

Throughout the history of my fishing obsession since I hit the saltier waters of Florida, I’ve enjoyed fishing the inshore flats and lagoons. Though the focus of my professional career has been focused on offshore fishing, I dabbled in inshore charters for a couple years. I ended up moving back to bigger boats offshore and just by the “nature of the beast”, my excursions inshore have been few and far between.

While watching a big dolphin charge into the spread from the side throwing a rooster tail off his forehead is hard to beat, the same rush can be had watching a redfish, snook or tarpon gulp your carefully positioned offering on the appropriate tackle.

This brings me to my story; I now live on a very tiny “creek” that leads out to the Indian River. We call it a creek because that sounds better than glorified ditch, but whatever one calls it is irrelevant, because it is my ticket to renew a love of inshore fishing…

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