New Jersey Angler Lands Huge 46.5-lb. Striped Bass from the Surf

Just a few weeks back, Will Thomas had the wonderful experience of landing a huge striper from the New Jersey surf – a 46.5-lb., 48-in. fish to be exact.

“I decided take a hour’s drive to the Jersey shore and get in a couple hours of surf fishing before the Football games began. About an 1/2 hour into my fishing time,
my rod buckled over and started ripping line off of my Okuma Avenger AV-65 reel.”

Thomas knew right away he had hooked into a sizeable fish.

“I knew I had a big fish and assumed it was some type of shark that would eventually win this battle. But 15 minutes later and 250 yards from where I started, I landed my biggest fish Ever.”

The news of the catch spread quickly in the area that Thomas frequently fishes, and he was interviewed by a local newspaper about the catch.

“I am very proud of what I accomplished, but I must also give credit to my Avenger reel and it’s ability to handle this very large fish.”

Check out more info on Thomas’ catch Here.

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