New Helios and RTX Spinning Reels Showcase Long-Strand Carbon Fiber Frame Technology

Continuing upon a history of technological advancements in spinning reel designs, Okuma once again raises the bar with all-new Helios and RTX families of ultra-light, ultra-powerful spinning reels. Featuring brand new C-40X, long strand carbon fiber technology and an aluminum and brass gear system, Helios and RTX spinning reels are up to 25% lighter and 50% stronger than standard graphite-framed spinning reels.

Helios Spinning Reel

New Helios spinning reels are the flagship for Okuma long strand carbon fiber framing technology, featuring a 10-bearing system, aluminum main and oscillating gears and carbon fiber drag system.

Immediately evident when Helios or RTX is viewed in bright light, C-40X long strand carbon fiber construction is exactly as it sounds. Rather than a standard graphite resin featuring powdered filler for strength, C-40X long strand carbon fiber construction features a mix of long carbon fiber strands, interwoven tens of thousands of times. By greatly enhancing the connecting points between all fibers, strength is increased by a factor of 50%. And because less resin and fiber is necessary overall, weight is reduced by 25% over standard graphite frames.

Helios and RTX spinning reels utilize C-40X long strand carbon fiber frames and rotors. Jumping to brass tacks, our standard graphite frame spinning reels in a 30 size weigh-in at over 8 ounces. Helios and RTX spinning reels hit the scales in the mid 6-ounce range, while also increasing strength by 50%.

Zoom image of carbon frame and rotor.

In bright light the carbon fiber strands are easily available to the naked eye.

With a powerful frame and rotor ready for high stress environments, the internal components of Helios and RTX also take strength to the next level. Traditional brass main gears and oscillating gears have been replaced AlumiLite alloy gears. Harder and stronger than brass, AlumiLite gears allow you to more fully utilize the strength of the framing system.

RTX Reel

RTX spinning reels utilize an 8-bearing system, ultra-smooth Japanese oiled felt drag, and forged aluminum handle.

Points of separation for Helios and RTX are found in the drag, handle systems and available gear ratios. Helios features a full carbon fiber drag system for exceptional heat dissipation under heavy drag loads, while RTX utilizes Okuma’s ultra-smooth Japanese oiled-felt drag.

Helios handle arms feature a woven carbon fiber shaft, where RTX utilizes a forged aluminum handle.

The Helios family is a 10-bearing system and is available in standard speed (5.0:1) in sizes 25, 30, 35 and 40, along with high-speed (6.0:1) models in 25 and 40 sizes. The RTX family is an 8-bearing system and is available in four high-speed (6.0:1) sizes including 25, 30, 35 and 40. High-speed models are noted by an “S” at the end of the model numbers, like Hx-25S and RTX-30S.

Helios and RTX spinning reels along with with Okuma rod families like Helios, C-340X, Citrix, and make 10-ounce rod and reel combinations an attainable reality. Incredibly light and responsive, every aspect of the presentation and landed fish take on new levels of sensitivity, every move a fish makes is felt. Every day on the water is a better experience.

5 thoughts on “New Helios and RTX Spinning Reels Showcase Long-Strand Carbon Fiber Frame Technology

  1. I have purschased several RTX reels. How do I switch the handle to the opposite side?

  2. Hi Bryan,

    To switch the handle, unscrew the cap on the opposite side and remove it, as well as the small nylon bushing. THen just put the handle on the other side and put the bushing and the cap on the opposite side. If you have any trouble, call (800) Go-Okuma and one of our Customer Service reps would be happy to walk you through it. Thanks.

  3. I use light tackle bay and flat fishing for reds and specs. My question is between rtx35 or 30s which would be best

  4. Good afternoon,
    I need the manual (code list of parts)
    of winches:
    – Max4 Carp60
    – Blue Hawk
    – Distance Carp 60
    – Oryx RXS 60A – 65A

    Could create a section for downloading manuals reels (put pdf files.)

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